This DK minis Set is the ninth instalment in our “Great Women in Herstory” range where we will be inspired by both infamous and legendary women throughout time.

While I was in Shetland attending Shetland Wool Week I heard a song written and performed by Claire White (she was also playing the fiddle) about the extraordinary women Betty Mouat, who in 1886 survived 9 days alone adrift in the North Sea below deck of the Columbine. The crew were lost at the beginning of Betty’s journey up to Lerwick to sell her knitted shawls to extra houselhold income. Betty was swept out to sea, finally miraculously coming ashore on a sandy beach in Norway, barely alive. During her well publicised recovery, Queen Victoria wrote to congradulate her and visitors snipped off locks of her hair as souvenirs! These were the colours I was thinking about listiening to this story!

Our Tatwij DK is 100% non superwash Fine Organic Merino of 218 yards/200m per 100g. Each mini is 20g and you will recieve 6 minis, so 120g in total.

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