Calling all Aussie Non Superwash Yarn lovers…..who would love to knit socks too!!!

We have had the great privilege of obtaining our first batch of the new Great Southern Mt Bodangora SRS 80% Merino and 20% Nylon Sock yarn from Jarrod and Aleashia Kircher, the new custodians of Great Southern Yarn. We have called it our Homeward Bound Sport Base. We are thrilled with it! Finally! The opportunity to use Aussie non superwash yarn for hard wearing socks.

SRS (Soft Rolling Skin) Merino sheep have the great advantage of being bare-breeched, meaning they do not have to be mulesed to protect them from flystrike. The fleece from these Mt Bodangora sheep are sent to New Zealand to be scoured and then spun by Design Spun Mills in Napier. The beautiful 3 ply construction is perfectly twisted to create a plump super soft yarn with the extra help of nylon for Sock yarn strength.

We have trialed this new base winding off 100g skeins and 25g mini skeins to create Sock Sets.

270m / 295 yards per 100g. Each main skein is approx 100g and each mini is approx 25g. 125g in total.

This yarn is non superwash and must be hand washed only and gently dried flat.

Prices are in Aussie dollars at checkout.