This Sock Set is the eighth instalment in our “Great Women in Herstory” range where we will be inspired by both infamous and legendary women throughout time.

During her reign as a Byzantine Empress from the year 527 Theodora and her husband Justinian legislated an expansion of rights for women, including allowing property ownership, divorce, gave mothers some guardianship of their children, forbade the killing of women for adultery and instituted penalties for rape. Theodora opened convents as safe havens for trafficked women sold into prostitution and on rebuilding Constantinople in 533 focused on public buildings for the underpriveledged and aquaducts to increase health and safety.

These Sock Sets have a main 100g skein of Shindig Donegal Tweed is 437 yards/ 400m per 100g, 85% SW Merino and 15% Donegal Ness.  The 20g mini is Fete Sock 80/20 SW Merino Nylon at 93 yards/85 m per 20g. Sets are approx 120g. Perfect for a pair of socks with contrasting toes and heels!