This Sock Set is the tenth instalment in our “Great Women in Herstory” range where we will be inspired by both infamous and legendary women throughout time.

Cleopatra VII Thea Philopater, (70 BCE – 30 BCE) became the last queen of the Macedonian dynasty to rule Egypt before it’s annexation by Rome in 30 BCE. Known for her politically strategic romances with Julius Caesar and later Mark Antony, this seductress interpretation was recorded history from scholars of the Roman Empire, casting her as a villian. Cleopatra was unique among hundreds of Egyptian queens, in that she is one of the few to be so well known to the outside world. Her actions influenced the formation of the Roman Empire but she is represented by Muslim scholars as a scientist, scholar, a gifted philosopher and chemist. Her politics and diplomacy will surely fascinate for many more centuries to come!

These Sock Sets have a main 100g skein and a 20g mini of Jubilee Sock is 464 yards/ 425m per 100g, 75% SW Merino and 25% nylon. Sets are approx 120g. Perfect for a pair of socks with contrasting toes and heels!