Treat yourself or someone special to our Estuary Finest Box! We have curated this box with beautiful things we would love for a quiet crafternoon. A PROPORTION OF SALES will be donated to the Australian Red Cross for Flood Relief.

These Finest Boxes contain:

A beautiful hand made custom thrown vessel by Andrina Wright of AW Pottery. These are large tumblers (gin and tonic anyone??!!!) or small vase or planter….or even desk tidy for your paintbrushes and pencils. They can be anything you like and they are BEAUTIFUL. Something about them made me think of when a river meets the ocean; thus these are the Estuary Finest Boxes.

A Tuft Woolens Hand Balm in the 5th and 57th scent.

A Haigh’s choccie.

A gorgeous Tuft Woolens Sock Soap bar of natural wool wash. We imported these especially for this box!  Fresh and clean delicious custom “When Life’s a Circus…” scent which is a calming but subtle mix of lemon, lavender, eucalyptus and vetiver.

A hand dyed 120g Sock Set with Juhlia MCN (merino cashmere nylon) main skein full of subtle speckles and splashes representing reflecting light from running water and a Jubilee Sock mini skein in a beautiful warm terracotta shade.

A PROPORTION OF SALES from these boxes will be donated to the Australian Red Cross for flood relief.